How it works


Step 1


Our work always starts with a review of your business and long term objectives.  A solutions architect will investigate all opportunities and pain points within your business model.  The goal is to identify where a specific system can be implemented to drive the most strategic value.


Step 2

Deployment Strategy

Within 48 hours of the consultation a statement of work and NDA will be sent to you.  The statement of work will look to cover the projects specific details such as timelines/milestones, choice of systems, estimated quotes, and overall strategy.


Step 3


During development you will receive periodic updates as milestones are completed.  If timelines can be pulled forward you will be issued a new timeline for completion.  Our goal is to complete isolated portions of the solution and deploy them to be utilized right away. Early deployment allows us to ensure quality assurance along the development path.


Step 4

Training in the Sandbox

Before final deployment our solutions architects will train all stakeholders in a simulated environment.  We will utilize live data paralleled to your current systems and give you an opportunity to get a feel for the system.  At this time, we look to take any final feedback on requirements for the solution to ensure the final product is scoped correctly for your day to day operations.


Step 5

Deployment & Live Review

The Sweep team will look to review the system in your business in a live environment ensuring that you are receiving the most strategic value.  Key performance indicator dashboards will be reviewable and providing new insights to drive decision making. A post deployment report will be sent out identifying future opportunities to add to your new system that can drive additional return on investment.


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